Minecraft Vanilla, Survival, Creative , PVP

Server mc1.gamergeeks.nz
Version Vanilla/Spigot, Minecraft 1.10
About This is the gateway to all survival, creative, and minigames. It provides starting point and you can warp between the other vanilla minecraft worlds.
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Getting around

These commands will help you get between the servers

/server list Lists all the available worlds
/server {name} Warp to that particular server
Minecraft Vanilla Logo

Minecraft Vanilla: Survival

Play minecraft the way nature intended it, a vanilla survival server with a few server side mods that includes griefPrevention and improved chat. Use this server for a relaxed friendly style of minecraft.

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Minecraft Creative

Minecraft Vanilla: Creative

The creative mode server allows you to use your skills to fabricate, sculpt or design without digging around in the dirt. Create on a bigger scale without the limits of gravity or resource limitations.

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