Guide: Vanilla Survival HomeSpawnWarp

HomeSpawnWarp is a very basic lightweight teleporting plugin.

This mod is currently in use on the Vanilla Survival Server

Command Reference

  • /sethome [homename]: this command allows you to set your home at the position where you are standing, so that you can teleport to this home location later. You can also specify a custom homename.
  • /home [homename]: with this command you can teleport to your home location set with the /home command.
  • /homelist: displays all your homes.
  • /delhome [homename]: deletes the specified home. If none specified your default home will be deleted.
  • /setspawn: this command sets the worldspawn to your current location for you.
  • /spawn: teleports you to the worldspawn.
  • /setwarp <warpname> [price]: sets a public warp to your current location. You can also set a custom price for the warp.
  • /warp <warpname>: this command gives you the possibility to teleport to the given warplocation.
  • /warplist: prints a list of available warps.
  • /delwarp <warpname>: deletes a warp.
  • /warpto <player>: sents a warpto request to the specified player.
  • /warpaccept: accepts the last received warpto request.