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    Hello Faneb/other mods reading this appeal. As I’m sure many of you know by now I am Minecrafter_DHX and changed my name to ProGamer_DHX and then changed my name to FireStorm_FTW then I bought and alt called MetalWarrior. My memory isn’t that good but I believe that I was banned about 2 months ago by Faneb for greifing and looting. It is true that I destroyed BirdsBeak and Willville and I do have reasons behind both of these but chances are that you don’t really care and they are probably not very good reasonds to you. However my actions were totally inappropriate responses to these reasons and 5 minutes after I greifed I felt so bad because this community is amazing and they trusted me and I destroyed everything disregarding the time and effort it took to make their magnificent buildings and structures. For this I am extreamry sorry. Sometimes I get jealous when someone has a better house or item etc, in this case it was the people of Willville and BirdsBeak and I was presented with an opportunity to make it “even” I now see that the only reason that is wasn’t “even” is because they worked hard to get what they had and I took that way from them. I know that the chances of you accepting my appeal and unbanning me are really low but if you do I would be extremely great full and go good from now on. I really miss getting on after school and playing on the server, I really miss helping chicken on his many projects and working on mine. If however you don’t accept my appeal I just want everyone reading this to know how sorry I am. If you do decide to unban me please unban ProGamer_DHX, FireStormFTW and MetalWarrior. Thank you for your time.

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    After much discussion between the admins you have been pardoned.

    Please understand that it is agreed between the admins that if you are banned again it will be forever (a very long time).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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