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    Hey Aamche,

    Would love to see some donator perks for survival.

    Tier based perks with vote for crate keys and diamonds

    Auction house for in-game cash. In game cash can also work the same as real cash for purchasing tiers. Except you will need stuff like 3 tier shards that cost like $250k each will get you a /nick color change etc

    Tier 1 perks would be something like /hat, and /me
    Set home allowed for more homes to be set as opposed to having a ton of warps. Unless they are community warps.

    Higher tier donations for /fly and /nick
    and god gear

    Drop party for donations set at $200
    And build comps for legendary crate keys
    which have god gear

    Would help pay for your server.
    My other suggestion would be to de-op some of the younger players on any tier/donator servers.
    Restrict oping younger players to chat mod and grief protection.

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    Absolutely. I’ve been rewritting the website with this in mind. I want a way to link accounts on here to accounts on the servers, so all the perks stuff links up and it’s a good experience. It’s about 4 on the list, parts of it are kind of working at the moment, but too buggy.

    Website overhaul, currently I’m working on this

    1. New content sharing,
    The old home page feed of just my content is being replaced. I want to put you guys content up there on the home page as well, to make it much more community focused. Players will be able to create galleries, blogs and youtube playlists. The last 4-5 news items will be at the top of the home page on a ticker so you don’t miss anything (it does get buried at the moment). Hopefully this will be rolled out in the next 2 weeks, but Minecraft 1.12 updates take priority.

    2. Account Linking, stat improvements
    Able to link Minecraft accounts to website accounts, still planning this one but core to perks. Also part of this is you’ll be able to better see your stats. There’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff happening here, it also builds on some of the core account features in 1 (which is why content is first).

    x. Account rewards/perks
    Still throwing around ideas for this, essentially there will be some kind of accounting system, so you can see your donation history, but also looking at how to handle future competitions (e.g. some prizes will be perk packs). I also want to reward players for hours of play and posting content. Perks will probably open up access to economy plugin for buying and selling of resources, fly, set name color and a few things.

    I was thinking of a blog video soon, so will include some of this.

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    Awesome sounds good Aamche 🙂 Thanks for the reply.

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