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Haydunsparce here,
I’m really sorry for this but they shouldn’t of accepted my warp.
I never said I would kill there animals I only said “Where are you animals” not to kill them but to joke around because the reason they hate me is because they thought I killed there animals but the admin did because it was causing lag, they had 50-100 animals each. Yes Greenboy was on but he was not causing anything wrong, he was inside the land for a bit but when he got asked to leave he stayed around 50 blocks away on the outside edges. After he left I came back on and only stayed on the outside edges of there land, I did run in once but after that I left and they still continued saying I was in it, I was only there 4minutes max. Grenboy said that they killed him a couple of times and he lost some of my stuff I have him, he did not ask for pvp but yet they still killed him outside there territory even though he asked for nopvp. They still attacked me during the 4minutes I was there with no amour on me. I did say they were mean, bullys, and other stuff because they were saying mean stuff to me. I was only saying what they were because they were to me plus said stuff about my life which they have no reason to talk about.
I don’t want them to be ban or anything, I’m just typing this so I don’t get banned for any reasons.
This issue wasn’t making people unhappy on the server they were just annoyed at the chat and babbling pika and yoda were creating.
Pikachuma and Yodastef are people who get mad at anything as I would say “Action before Thinking”

PS: I love this server 🙂