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I can say on behalf of many players who logged on continuously over the weekend that I think the drop party was a hit with all!

Would love to see more events like this in the future, it helps bring our small community together to enjoy a surprise and a bit of fun.

Despite some small set backs like, Enchanted books and not enchanting books (lol!) The prizes were alright.
From feedback in chat, Sponges were a hit, mostly because of the amount of ocean monuments in a 10b squared map. Elytra’s too for those who are not confident in The End, or were waiting for villager shops of some description.

Other feedback, the books were not OP in the end because they only gave out the highest potential actual in-game enchant. So book may have said respiration 4, but was actually 3.

Suggestions for future drop party: Advertising as one off event rather than a hourly random gift. I like the idea of fairness, if you are logged on, you get a drop in your inventory, everyone gets the same thing. However the negative of this is people only logging on for that specific time (once we worked out what time that was – perhaps it needs to be randomly some time within an hour) and then not playing on server again till that time. Although I don’t really have a problem with it – I still think it discourages the point of it being an event/party. My personal opinion is a traditional drop party room where staff just spam Q drops in random places with in the room – like a lolly scramble. (dispenser will not work because you can just stand underneath them). It may appear to be unfair, but that is the nature of the event. A donations chest from players for drop party may also be useful. So it’s not just a matter of handing out free stuff, but a community wide effort to make it so there is a ton of stuff dropped at that party – if you get your donation back, that’s also part of it.

Suggestions for future drop party is fun potions, one use items that are not books. Stax of blocks and more booby prizes (like a stax of dirt or cobble).


Player Requests to see in the future: Sponge. Packed Ice and Sea Lanterns. With that being said, perhaps these blocks can be purchasable with in-game currency (dia or the like) from villager shops at the BAZAAR.
(We need to look at command blocks for the 2 markets, which I will outline in a DM to you Aamche).

Other event suggestions from players: Big Dig. This is a giant sandpit, where 1-off event of everyone being given a unbreakable spade, there are dozens of chests full of booby prizes and rare items. Other suggestion relating to this event is an opportunity for you to capture a live event on minecraft or make a video.

A treasure hunt event or purchasable treasure maps.