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Dear Firestorm.

After your actions on Discord the previous day where you received a mute for your abusive and racist language, it is considered a warning. The next day you log into the world 2 Minecraft server and started using homophobic language by calling things ‘gay’. You did _not_ mean it was happy, which was witnessed by several younger players. We are a family friendly server and wish to protect the other players. And create a friendly and enjoyable environment. Thus, I took swift action to mute you temporarily for 100 minutes. I did hope in turn when I said to appeal on forum, you would show the sincerity and decency to apologize for your use of language.

Instead you have gone on a public post making defamatory comments about myself which are complete speculation of my character. I am an open LGBT supporter and feminist and I have known the server owners for many long years and have real life relationships with these people. They know me, and my character. And Your appeal here will be the last of your “freedom of speech” (aka hate speech) that you will express on this server – As my appeal now is to give you permanent ban for your unwarranted abusive behavior towards me. Which I think a ban or similar severe punishment is fitting towards your behavior towards me. I am the one here who has been hurt and traumatized.

To reiterate: It says clearly across all servers in the rules signs that no offensive language is permitted.

I also was not the one who changed the title of this post, but surely you can see why the server owner has done so considering it is defamation of my character and online abuse.

I hope you realize the consequences of your actions & will reflect on how you treat other people online. Endure to make better decisions in the future to respect the integrity and autonomy of others.



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