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Never mind if the owner and admins are so incompetent that they can even view a post on there own forms what hope does the server have. i have waited 398 days to get unbanned and there isn’t even a queue, literally no one plays the server so whats the hold up. its honestly a surprise that i was even banned due to the lack of staff and organization. i have honestly never seen such a heaping pile of shit in one place but that’s exactly what you will find by visiting The owner cares so little about his fan base and server he never goes on and checks on it like wtf do you not care about all the hackers on it, do you not care about some of the most well know players giving up on you (ckickenFS), do you not care that your server if full of corrupt staff not following the server ban guidelines that they are sworn to protect. Anyway thanks for your time, i will not be needing an unban as i no longer have any intention of playing on this pile of shit that you like to call Gamer Geeks.