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myTown actually offers loads of great options and protection on many levels, provided you know how to use it.

I think maybe getting rid of the diamond cost would be a good choice, or at least for the initial chunk. It’s definitely nice being able to have at least one claimed chunk right off the bat so you can establish some form of base.

The module is loaded with potential but one of the most useful functions IMO is perms. There are a bunch of different flags you can toggle here. To see a list of the perms available you can use

/t perm list

Some of the more useful perms

Enter – Allow/Deny other users from entering your claimed chunks
Access – Allow/Deny users interacting with anything within claim
Pickup – Allow/Deny users from picking up items
Explosions – Allow/Deny explosions within claim, this will prevent a creeper from blowing your hard work to shreds.

An example of the syntax for using these perms,

/t perm toggle enter
/t perm enter true|false

Another excellent feature is myTown allows you to invite your friends to join your town which also has the added benefit of increasing the number of claim chunks available to the town. There are several different ranks you can assign to town members also which will vary the amount of power or accessibility allowed.
To invite someone use

/t invite <player>

And they’ll have to either accept or deny.

That’s enough about myTown!

I agree that some of the mobs are going to be an absolute nightmare for a new player, I find creepers can be managed but that one slippery bastard that comes up behind you when you’re crafting or what not will just ruin your day.

On that topic I think maybe skeletons should be adjusted, all mobs/NPCs are super buff in this pack but skels are just ridiculous. Some will shoot like a damn gatling gun, if you’re only armed with melee weapons you’re not gonna have a fun time trying to land a hit let alone kill them at all.

Further, you need to be extra careful because loads of mobs have Flim Flam which will make you randomly drop items, including the weapon you’re trying to kill them with!

FWIW /back works fine on my end.