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Omg please stop lieing. Yes I did come on the land but I left after about a minute after, you and brandon weren’t even on the land and jesus why do you care if I’m on it? I’m not doing anything to it. I claimed the outside of it ages ago but I believe it was removed by Faneb or another admin so I don’t know but that was awhile ago. I’m not being rude at all, I didn’t say anything rude to any of you. I didn’t steal your house, I was riding it and don’t say “Forunately we got her back” I gave it to Yoda when she told me to get off for the first time like geeze. I never said to fight and there isn’t even any pvp!? so like wtf are you saying. You’re just annoying yourself and causing the drama, I’ve stopped but mainly you shoudld stop.