Blog 17w18

Hey everyone. It’s been some time since I’ve posted some stuff other than youtube videos on gg. I’ve had a multitude of stuff going on in my personal life for the past 12 months which has really taken quite a lot of energy. But I’m happy to say that stuff is pretty much out of my life now.

I’m looking forward to putting that energy into gg again. I’ve restarted work on updates for the website, which will include better leaderboards, player stat tracking and player personal albums. On the server front Minecraft 1.12 will be the beginning of a new world (old world will still be there for a while and will probably become a download) and there will be a tidy up of server and plugins.

I realise this is a text blog entry, would people prefer a video?

Bug fixes and more secure

Hey everyone, just fixed some login issues preventing people logging in. If you still have trouble try leaving me message on social media via the links in the navbar.

Also the site is now has ssl encryption, so your data is now safer in transit.

Leaderboards v2

Leaderboards v2

As part of the current phase of updates the Leaderboards are going through an overhaul. The goal is to extend the system for mini-games and PvP scores. I hope to encourage some compeditiveness between players. There’s a lot planned too, as I hope to add more functionally and player stats. This will tie in with the current phase of developing the PvP mini games such as eggwars, skywars and hunger-games.

What’s New

  • Overview page, icones and such
  • Added PvP servers, eggwars, skywars, hunger-games
  • Improved player head images


What’s Planned

  • Compare your score to friends
  • UI improvements such as page navigation, sort by and search
  • Player overview
  • Awards/Badge system


Some of that will take a while and at the same time I’m working on adding more content for PvP servers.

Web site template optimisation

Web site template optimisation

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, my two big issues where page load speed for the home page and improving the layout. A complete reload of the template into my newer template framework worked wonders and really fixed up some slowness at the server site, but there were some remaining issues to do with what was loaded on page.

Social media share and like buttons are slow

I found that loading a lot of Facebook, Google and Twitter social buttons on the home page created a 10+ second lag. I can imaging this would be slower for those not on fibre connections. I checked the documentation on each of the social media sites and found that there was no clear way to load the buttons once. Each button did it’s own complete load back to the social media network, and would request all those files again.

Browser cache helped a little, but only after the first load and the reality is you need the first page load to be fast because users will go else where (I know I do). There was also an issue with all that javascript processing at once, a bit of a waste of CPU cycles.

There was only really one option at time of writing this and I had to remove them loading all at once, thus I placed them into a drop down. When the dropped down is clicked it dynamically renders the button html and runs the javascript then. There is a small delay as it loads, but overall this speed the home page up a lot.

Youtube Embeds

Again more javascript loading to a remote server multiple times. This can really cause a lot of lag in the page becoming available. The solution was simple, I already had all the thumbnails, so I loaded them into the site and rendered the thumbnail with the Youtube play icon over top. When clicked the embed code is rendered via javascript with an autoplay to start. I still have about a hundred videos to update, but for now the home page is loading and becoming responsive a lot faster.

Am I a Wizard

Yes and no. I’ve been building websites for over a decade, but I’m always improving on my skills. Click here if you want to use as your web developer.

Introducing BuddyPress

I’m currently testing out BuddyPress, a community base plugin aimed at adding more interaction and communication between members.

Enable registered members to create profiles, have private conversations, make connections, create & interact in groups, and much more. Truly a social network in a box, BuddyPress helps you more easily build a home for your company, school, sports team, or other niche community.

Domain Name Change

With the addition of .nz domains, I’ve changed the domain to the simpler

Update: An oversight on my part. Looks like some issue resolving to the server. But for faster resolution, change to