Sunbeam | First Impressions

Sunbeam is a relaxing first-person puzzle/exploration game set on a small world.

All the puzzles in Sunbeam involve sunlight in some way, using it to power up solar panels that help unlock the world for you to explore. Discover the mysteries of the world, how you came to be there, what happened to the previous inhabitants, and what all these mirrors and solar panels are for.

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Path of the Dead | First Impressions

Post-Apocalyptic zombie future, voxel based, some kind of build defend mechanic … sign me up. This is in the early phase of development, fun and challenging.

Path of the Dead is a unique game in Voxel Art.
You have to arrange the car to escape this zombie-filled path, save the lost people in the city to help you in the tasks and still survive to waves of zombies.
Much more content and features are on the way!

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Seal Breaker | First Impressions

A quick first impression. Nice little retro action rpg, aka dungeon crawler. May be worth a bit more play, checkout the itch page for more details, there’s a lot more than covered in this first impression.

Seal Breaker is a small, atmospheric Action-RPG. It’s inspired by games like Dark Souls. I developed it for a small game development event in my town.

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Don’t Starve RoG #5 | Winter is Coming

Finally found some beefalos and they make wonderful poop, I also found a respawn stone I missed the first time. Another odd thing is that it’s getting cold at night as we move towards winter, which is the next toubling mechanic in Don’t Starve. Time prepare, get some warm stuff, get some armour, maybe fight some angry spiders. As winter approaches the nights get short and we may just die from exposure.

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