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There's your problem, failed power supply

There's your problem, failed power supply

Posted: 28th June, 2016
Every server tech's worst nightmare, a system that won't boot. This time it wouldn't turn on, fortunately a quick swap out of the power supper repaired the issue. I've "borrowed" a power supply from a near by PC and have a new one on it's way.

Additional: FTB Infinity is having issues starting up, I'll probably restore from backup.

Update: 10:11 FTB Infinity restored from backup (3pm 28th), hopefully not too much lost for people. Maybe time to do Crackpack?

Update: 29th 13:02 Looks like FTB Infinity is having some extra issues and problems. I'm currently investigating, but it may take me a while.

Update: 29th 22:15 FTB is having an issue with the chisel plugin. And world corruption. I've restored again, but not happy about the downtime.