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"The spirit of GamerGeeks" Statue build competition.

Posted: 26th July, 2017
"The spirit of GamerGeeks" Statue build competition.

Statue Build: 9x9, max height 20 blocks
Your build must represent the "Spirit of Gamer Geeks"

Competition runs for the entire month of August.
Starting on the 1st of August. So you have 1 whole week to recover from the after party for our previous build comp! :)

Winner will get to enjoy having a fixed feature at spawn,
And a life time garunteed, One of a kind PICKAXE!
Titled: The Chisel

ALL valid entries must fit the required space, no exceptions.

Co-ords must be submitted by 12pm on the 31st of August.
Winner will be announced 12pm on Saturday the 2nd of September.

Judges will be considering the following:

Overall design
"Spirit" concept

Do what you think is the spirit of Gamer Geeks!
Looking forward to seeing what you all create! :)


Any questions feel free to contact Jenn0va