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Policy and Mod Changes

Posted: 25th June, 2017
Update 23 July 2017: Working on final draft.

Over the next week I will be making changes to better improve player interaction expectations.

Key changes,
  • Mod/Admin player changes
    Changing who is a mod, generally moving to fewer mods. Mod is not a fixed position, but it a responsibility to keeping things working for players on the server.
  • Adding a player policy
    This will be on the website that will cover forum posts, content posts (coming feature) and player chat. When to use forums and when to use the bug/request track system (coming feature).
  • Lead Moderator
    Some one that will oversee moderators. I myself will be taking a back seat to moderation and focusing more on making servers work and adding features of content post system and bug/request track.
  • Updating the current Admin code of conduct.
    Making improvements and clarify some areas.
  • Bug and Request track feature
    I will be adding this to help with remembering server stuff that needs fixing/changing. Player requests such as white-listing, banning, un-banning of players, complaints. Mainly to keep non-fun out of the forums.