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Minecraft Skin: Doom Trooper

Minecraft Skin: Doom Trooper

Posted: 17th June, 2015
A long time ago when I was but a man child I played Doom, the original Doom. That was where my early boss battles took place, against the Spider-demon or Cyber-demon, it was hell.

Before there were 3D models there where sprites. They were drawn frame by frame and it was excellent. The internet back then was full of Doom content, but 20 years on it and it is rather difficult to find reference material back to then. I wanted to create an authentic representation of the doom trooper, correct colours.

Sampling colours of the sprites and filling gaps I think I got quite close for my first full minecraft skin.
If you remember the game this references, then you're really old like me.…/doom-trooper-doom-1-and-2/


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