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Minecraft FTB Infinity updated to 2.5.0

Posted: 27th April, 2016
Updated to latest version.

changes source:

Infinity Evolved 2.5.0

Mods Added:
-ASP + GS Patcher by Chocohead
-Thaumcraft Inventory Scanning by Blay09

Mods Updated:
-BinniePatcher 1.6
-Buildcraft 7.1.16
-Draconic Evolution 1.0.2a
-EnderCore 0.2.32_beta
-Fastcraft 1.23
-Forbidden Magic 0.574
-Immersive Engineering 0.7.5
-Immersive Integration 0.6.8
-Industrial Craft 2 2.2.819
-Logistics Pipes
-Resource Loader 1.3
-Rftools 4.23
-Storage Drawers 1.9.7

Script Changes
-Corn/Rye Fix
-Sesame Seed Fix
-Wheat Seed Recipe
-CoalCoke Fix
-Minecart Dupe Fix
-Quartz Fix
-Bamboo Thatching Recipe Fix
-Added TiC Unstable Parts
-BioDiesel <-> Ethanol Refinery Fix
-Recipe fix for Smooth blackstone to Paved Blackstone
-RC Tin Plate Fix
-TC Nugget Dupe Fix