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Minecraft 1.12 update ... expect downtime

Posted: 6th June, 2017
Expect downtime on Minecraft Vanilla based servers this week. With the release of 1.12 this week I will be migrating data across. There maybe some issues with plugins such as claims and homes.

All 1.11 servers need to be updated and their plugins may need updates as well, so fingers crossed it's a smooth transition.

Update [Fri, 16 June 2017]
Minecraft testing for 1.12 is looking good. Maybe time to switch this thing over soon.

Update [Wed, 14 June, 2017]
Looks like still some problems with the minecraft server image. I'm currently evaluating alternatives.

Update [Fri, 9 June, 2017, 9pm]
Failure is always an option! And with that it looks like we're not ready to upgrade to 1.12. It seems some plugins or spigot doesn't want to run. We'll pause and wait a few days as bugs are fixed. I'm going to run a test environment and do some more background development to prepare better for next attempt. Thanks everyone.

Update [Fri, 9 June, 2017]
SpigotMC has been update to 1.12 and I will attempt an update tonight, there's a bunch of stuff being moved and configured so fingers crossed.

Update [Thurs, 8 June, 2017]
Minecraft 1.12 has been released, I'm just waiting on spigot (the server software) to update and any associated plugins. Fingers crossed it won't be long.

Update [Tues, 6 June, 2017]
Some changes in moving to Minecraft 1.12, I'm removing a few plugins and moving to better ones. Players /home and /warps will be handled by a new plugin, so you'll need to recreated these for World1 after the migration.

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