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Minecraft 1.11

Minecraft 1.11

Posted: 24th November, 2016
Update 24/11/2016
It happened!!!!! We are 1.11
Old regions have been removed from Survival, if your chunk has gone missing, please report in forums and it can be restored from back up.

Mansions: These are super rare, so don't both exploring the map to find one. I'll be posting co-ords to one that I will regenerate daily with a script. Within the 30k radius of spawn there are about 2-3. The closest one is not showing, due to the chunks need to be regenerated with WorldEdit ... which needs to be updated by the WorldEdit team ... looking at options.

Power restored, all systems are go!
Power outage about 2pm-3pm. Unrelated to server.

Update 20/11/2016
21:21 Update to 1.11 in progress, fingers crossed
23:15 Update failed due to issue with chat plugin. Still 1.10 for now.

Update 15/11/2016
Spigot our version of server Minecraft, will update on 19th/20th Nov. After which we can start updating the servers, we should upgrade within 48 hours depending on plugin compatibility.

World Changes
The survival world is about to renewed. I'm currently writing a script that will remove old regions (collections of chunks) and unprotected regions. This should allow the new natural occurring structures and mobs in 1.11 to be created and also renew a few resources.

This will happen when we update to 1.11.

Don't worry, if your region is accidentally deleted, then it can be restored from backups!

Early analysis shows a bit to remove
Claims: 19,076
Regions with claims in world: 297
World: world
Regions: 4,233
Regions aged 30+ days: 3,506 (83%)
Regions aged 60+ days: 3,126 (74%)
Regions aged 90+ days: 3,036 (72%)
Regions aged 120+ days: 2,677 (63%)
World: nether
Regions: 301
Regions aged 30+ days: 211 (70%)
Regions aged 60+ days: 137 (46%)
Regions aged 90+ days: 111 (37%)
Regions aged 120+ days: 29 (10%)
World: the_end
Regions: 353
Regions aged 30+ days: 322 (91%)
Regions aged 60+ days: 196 (56%)
Regions aged 90+ days: 185 (52%)
Regions aged 120+ days: 29 (8%)

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