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Minecraft 1.10 and Nether Reset!

Minecraft 1.10 and Nether Reset!

Posted: 11th June, 2016
Wow, that's a little unexpected, a new version release already. It's caught us a little off guard, but it looks like plugin developers are working hard to update as soon as possible.

In terms of new stuff it's mostly a few mobs and system improvements ... and then there's a new block in the nether. This has been on the cards for a while, but now it the time to reset the nether. Which is long overdue, and The End will be reset again as well to allow for new loot generation.

The overworld has one new structure, which looks cool but doesn't add a lot. I maybe able to do some chunk deletion to allow for regeneration, but that will occur later.

  • Nether reset
  • End reset

Update: If you have a farm in those dimensions, post co-ords in forums and I'll try to keep the chunk.

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