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Leaderboards v2

Leaderboards v2

Posted: 21st July, 2016
As part of the current phase of updates the Leaderboards are going through an overhaul. The goal is to extend the system for mini-games and PvP scores. I hope to encourage some compeditiveness between players. There's a lot planned too, as I hope to add more functionally and player stats. This will tie in with the current phase of developing the PvP mini games such as eggwars, skywars and hunger-games.

What's New
  • Overview page, icones and such
  • Added PvP servers, eggwars, skywars, hunger-games
  • Improved player head images

What's Planned
  • Compare your score to friends
  • UI improvements such as page navigation, sort by and search
  • Player overview
  • Awards/Badge system

Some of that will take a while and at the same time I'm working on adding more content for PvP servers.

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