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Image Competition - Sep 2015

Image Competition - Sep 2015

Posted: 31st August, 2015
This competition is now closed.

Congratulations Panda you are the winner, your drawing was great.

Also thanks to Tina and Jenn0va for their entries. Good to see a variety in entities. That wraps up this competition, unfortunately there weren't enough entries to unlock real world prizes. But there will be another competition soon...

Get ready to screen grab, render, draw or photograph something to do with Gamer Geeks. This competition is about getting creative and share your creativity with us. A Steve or Creeper action figure is up for grabs once we have 10 qualifying competitors.

1st September - 30 September 2015

This competition is open to a range of possible ideas. But should relate to Gamer Geeks or Minecraft in some way, it must be related to gaming in some way. Here are some ideas of what would be acceptable,
  • Screenshot of some of your builds or friends on the servers
  • A drawing or computer generated image
  • A photo of your flash gaming rig

Try to think of a way of standing out from the crowd. Be creative. Use textures packs. It can be in game or in real life.


If featuring a build, use your own builds or have permission of the original builder(s) to use the build.

Only the person that submitted the photo is eligible to win. They may delegate prizes to another person involved if they choose too.

You may post as many photos as you like, but be selective. Don't spam lots of photos in the hopes that one will make it work. Spamming may disqualify you.

If taking screenshots you may use shaders. You can photoshop or manipulate photos.

Photos are open to the public, photos must not contain Adult material. They must not be generally offensive.

Once we have 10 people enter the competition the real world prize will unlock. The Winner gets to choose either a Steve or Creeper Action Figure. This prize is open to NZ and Australian addresses for shipping.

How to Enter
Entering is done via posting an image on this site via the activity wall. So Login, find the activity wall and post you content.

Tip: Once clicked "Post Update" wait until the green upload bar has finished, then page will then refresh with your post.

How to from the home page


How to from the activity page



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