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Crackpack Whitelisted

Posted: 21st February, 2017
Every 2-3 weeks I get a report from a person of the server being griefed or their base being raided. A few new players join every month, but within 3-6 weeks they are tired of having their bases ruined. Thus there's no consistent player base, which makes it hard to promote moderators. As I'm spread across multiple servers, with quite a number of other commitments, I generally manage only a few hours on CrackPack a week.

It makes me sad that a few people ruin a server for everyone and that players are not enjoying the server. Thus I have decided to white-list the server. You make be thinking that this will kill the Crackpack server ... probably ... but I rather people have no experience than a bad one. It takes a long time to build a community and I've seen multiple times how quickly that gets ruined.
White-list criteria
100 hours on the Vanilla servers or premium membership.
No bans within the last 12 months (within reason)

If you have been playing on the server and now find yourself locked out, the same criteria apply. Someone has been actively destroying CrackPack and it's possible those players are regulars.

100 hours is a long time, if I notice you AFK'ing most of it, you risk no being allowed on. The criteria is to shift to allowing faithful players on to CrackPack (rather than make new modpack players jump through hoops).