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Cleaning Up FTB Infinity

Posted: 27th July, 2016
The FTB Infinity mod pack has been having a lot of trouble lately. Which makes it hard to run a server people want to be on when there is lots of crashes and resets. So I've been doing some cleaning up of dimensions and will be shrinking world sizes.

RfTools Dimensions
All RFTool Dimensions have been removed and this has had a big impact on server performance. There were approximately 75 dimensions loading, each with it's own spawn chunks which stay loaded.

What I didn't expect was that it would improve my client's frame rate. I can actually login and play.

For these reasons rftool dimensions are limited to 1 void world per player.

Trimming The World
I'll be reducing the size of the world map. I'm still investigating sizes at the moment, but looks to be a radius of 32,000 blocks. I'll update this post once I know.

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