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Building Challenge - Town hall winner

Building Challenge - Town hall winner

Posted: 14th June, 2015

ChickenFS's town hall plot for the Building Challenge

Congratulations to ChickenFS, winner of the town hall plot in the Building Challenge!

ChickenFS won some awesome unique weapons and armour, and all the contestants with completed entries got some custom potions to play with.

The competition continues!
This week: Alchemist's Shop (Yellow plot)
Go to '/warp build' to get the size and orientation of the plot, and then build your entry wherever you like. The winning entry will be given a place of honour in the town!
The alchemist's shop winner will be decided at:
6:00pm NZST
Sunday 21st June, 2015

There are plenty more awesome in-game prizes to be had, so get building!


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