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BUILD COMP: Building Tips #2: Depth

BUILD COMP: Building Tips #2: Depth

Posted: 25th August, 2017
Layering, it greatly helps any type of artist to create layers. Be this the Gamergeeks statue or the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is said to be built from the skeleton up - however true that tale may be, there is still a ton of layers to create depth. Imagine how many smiles are painted underneath just to perfect the one you see?

So consider when building, and can be any kind of build. How to break up a flat surface by giving it another layer. This creates depth and helps you to escape the "Box House" look. It can be achieved simply by considering walls may need to be 3-4 blocks thick. Great ways to utilize that is to do a simple thing like a window sill on a house.

Other ways to break a flat surface is to use block variety. Are you building a yellow house? There are many shades of yellow blocks available now. Mix them together to help create points of interest. It helps to shift your gaze around the build rather than being stuck on one spot.
Pallete testing in creative server before building is a great way to see how something works before you commit to building it in survival.

Decorations are great way to help make your final product pop. But don't over kill as well. Do the decorations make sense? In the vast imagination of Mine Craft creations it doesn't really need to make sense, but do consider the type of build you are making. Trying to make a certain style build? Or it has a specific function? it always helps to keep it to theme. Making something silly or fun? Then go to town with flower pots and book shelves!

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