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Summon Mob Command Generator
23rd June, 2019
Summon custom mobs for map makers or for fun. Give mobs names, items and special attributes for elite mobs. For Minecraft 1.15, and earlier. Link here:
Give Command Generator
2nd June, 2018
Launched another online command generator, useful for those more unknown commands and for making items. Link here
Minecraft Tropical Fish Generator
17th December, 2018
I've build a little tool for generating certain types of Minecraft tropical fish. Handy if you're after an particular fish. Link here
Servers are moving - Completed
26th November, 2018
Big move, moving all the hardware etc..., so there will be hours or days worth of downtime. Just depending on how it all fits together. Should be up and running by the weekend. Update: Thursday 30th We're back, systems are up and running again ... yay. Update: Thursday 29th Hardware is all moved, but…
1.13 Migration
8th October, 2018
~ update ~ we are 1.13 with, lobby world1 (minecraft 1.8 ... end of life) world2 (minecraft 1.12 ... this is the one with the beautiful spawn) world3 (minecarft 1.13 ... NEW!!!!) ~ what could be broken ~ commands permissions (we had to change plugins) ~ what borked ~ inventory resets, part of 1.13,…
Snapshot server is back
18th June, 2018 server is back, have fun.
Minecraft Server Snapshot 18w03b
25th January, 2018
Now up and running Build or Burn, why not both? Raw Vanilla No Plugins No Protection No Perminancy Prepare to lose everything
Happy 2018
2nd January, 2018
Merry new year ye-ha! Things that are in the works. Players online for the home page of the website. (Completed) So you can see which servers are busy and may want to join with people.Minecraft Snapshot 1.13 (Completed) It's snapshot time again, time to invoke a temporary world. Major OS upgrade…
Mining Madness Event this weekend (1-3 Dec)
27th November, 2017
EVENT HAS ENDED! Mining Madness Event this weekend (1-3 Dec). Get ready to excavate underground at super speeds, to keep you safe you will also be immune to fire. Be ready to dig deep and dig fast, but it comes at a cost with increased hunger. After all that digging has worked up an appetite. Come show…
Survival Fly Weekend
10th November, 2017
EVENT HAS ENDED! Don't forget to land before you log out or you could go splat when you relog. The fly command has been enabled on the survival server. Type /fly into the chat and you can now fly on double jump. Use the next 48 hours to build, explore and take epic screenshots. Send me you screenshots…
Ark Survival Evolved
20th October, 2017
Ready for players! Stranded on the shores of a mysterious island, you must learn to survive. Use your cunning to kill or tame the primeval creatures roaming the land, and encounter other players to survive, dominate... and escape! Search for server : Password: trustme…
BUILD COMP: Western Town
9th September, 2017
September and October will see a 2 month long competition to build up a town as a community. A hop skip and jump from spawn. This town will feature the following builds: Undertaker Graveyard Sheriffs Office Bank Saloon Inn Stables Stable Masters house Wagon Abandoned house General Store Water well Water…
BUILD COMP: Building Tips #2: Depth
25th August, 2017
Layering, it greatly helps any type of artist to create layers. Be this the Gamergeeks statue or the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is said to be built from the skeleton up - however true that tale may be, there is still a ton of layers to create depth. Imagine how many smiles are painted underneath just…
Website 2.0 Update, and everything is on fire
18th August, 2017
So I've finally rolled out that website update, it really was time to stop talking about it and just do it. Known Issues Everything. But seriously, login maybe broken for some people, most of the links need updating. I'll be updating over the next few days, then adding some polish and then at some point…
26th July, 2017
BUILD COMP AUGUST!! "The spirit of GamerGeeks" Statue build competition. Statue Build: 9x9, max height 20 blocks Your build must represent the "Spirit of Gamer Geeks" Competition runs for the entire month of August. Starting on the 1st of August. So you have 1 whole week to recover…
11th July, 2017
Now with total time played ... scary I will add a breakdown later, hopefully it's accurate. #minecraft #minecraftServers #minecraft
School Holiday build comp for a community Elytra Tower at spawn
6th July, 2017
Competition details: School Holiday build comp for a community Elytra Tower at spawn. You have 2 weeks to complete, and entries close at 12pm on the 22nd for judging and winner will be announced at 12pm the following day. Prizes: 1st place winner will have their build as a permenant feature of spawn.…
4th July, 2017
The old world 1 has been migrated. Inventories has been reset due to the way multiverse inventory works (sorry about that). I'm now working on bug fixes, and improvements to the web site. #minecraft #website #servers
25th June, 2017
Update 23 July 2017: Working on final draft. Over the next week I will be making changes to better improve player interaction expectations. Key changes, Mod/Admin player changes Changing who is a mod, generally moving to fewer mods. Mod is not a fixed position, but it a responsibility to keeping things…
Loot Drop Weekend
23rd June, 2017
Random hourly loot drops on the world2 survival server all weekend. There are common, uncommon and rareThe event will drop a random item every hour until mid-day Monday (approx)Everyone gets the same item each hour #minecraft #minecraftServer #minecraft #minecraftServer #servers
17th June, 2017
The 1.12 update was a bit rocky, partly due to the fact we run quite a number of plugins and partly due to the future survival multi-world goal. Thanks everyone for your patience and support, sometimes these things have complications. World Migration Day, 1st July (or there abouts) There was a…
6th June, 2017
Expect downtime on Minecraft Vanilla based servers this week. With the release of 1.12 this week I will be migrating data across. There maybe some issues with plugins such as claims and homes. All 1.11 servers need to be updated and their plugins may need updates as well, so fingers crossed it's a smooth…
GriefPrevention Real Estate Mod
2nd June, 2017
I've found this really neat add-on mod to GriefPrevention, Real Estate! It  aims to extend the Grief Prevention plugin by allowing users to be able to buy and sell claims or subclaims. You can also rent out claims. This will allow you in world 2 to create towns and cities. Spawn…
World 2  will have 3 mansion structures
24th May, 2017
There will be 3 mansion structures within 10k blocks of spawn in the new seed. I'm also looking at if we can have a monthly reset on some of them. Working towards 1.12. Multiverse has being set-up and early testing looks positive. World1 (current) and World2 (new) will be running side by each with separate…
21st May, 2017
Planning Minecraft 1.12 with Multiverse. In the same server I'm planning to have world-1 (our current world) and world-2 (new). Each needs to have it's own nether, end. And inventory locked to those groups. Tricky, but good use of server resources. #minecraft #minecraftServer #servers
4th May, 2017
Hey everyone. It's been some time since I've posted some stuff other than youtube videos on gg. I've had a multitude of stuff going on in my personal life for the past 12 months which has really taken quite a lot of energy. But I'm happy to say that stuff is pretty much out of my life now. I'm looking…
Minecraft Snapshot Server 17w15a
13th April, 2017
Announcing a new Minecraft Snapshot Server, version 17w15a We'll try and keep this up to dateIt may crash, corrupt or become unavailable from time to time ... sorry that's just how Snapshots workThere are no plugins, pure VanillaPVP is enabled, you have to tough it out ...…
8th April, 2017
Looks like there may have been an issue with world not saving data during restarts. This has now been resolved. Update 2017-04-10 Looks like more technical issues resolved on the Minecraft vanilla servers. It seems a recent upgrade has been causing some issues. #minecraft #minecraftServer
FTB Beyond
31st March, 2017
Well feels like we're here again trying another modpack. So give this one a go, it should be stable and hopefully have lots in it. This one seems to have quite a nice framerate. FTB Beyond 1.5.3 #minecraft #fTB #ftbBeyond
26th February, 2017
The FTB direwolf server is open now. This mod-pack features a better anti-grief system than CrackPack, more up to date features. This pack contains the following mods: Actually Additions by EllpeckAkashic Tome by VazkiiApplied Energistics by AlgorithmX2AutoRegLib by VazkiiBad Wither No Cookie! by droidicusBagginses…
21st February, 2017
Every 2-3 weeks I get a report from a person of the server being griefed or their base being raided. A few new players join every month, but within 3-6 weeks they are tired of having their bases ruined. Thus there's no consistent player base, which makes it hard to promote moderators.…
Minecraft  Skyblock is now open
11th January, 2017
Ready for something new? Skyblock is now open! This is the askyblock plugin, generate your own islandcomplete challengeshave team memberslevel up your island Log on to the Vanilla Minecraft Server ( and type "/server skyblock" to warp there #minecraft #servers
7th January, 2017
The FTB Direwolf server is now pack version 1.3.2 You’ll need to select 1.3.2 (recommended still defaults to 1.2) Seems faster in client. I’ve also added the pack version to motd. Next, add details to this site. #minecraft #servers #direwolf
Prison Server : City 14 : Work in progress
6th January, 2017
Ever wondered what it would be like to spend the rest of your days in a forced labour camp. Well that's the theme of the new Minecraft prison server I'm working on. In the not so distant future you have been sent to City #14 for political crimes against Global State. The charges unknown, with no trial…
Minecraft 1.11
24th November, 2016
Update 24/11/2016 It happened!!!!! We are 1.11 Old regions have been removed from Survival, if your chunk has gone missing, please report in forums and it can be restored from back up. Mansions: These are super rare, so don't both exploring the map to find one. I'll be posting co-ords to one…
5th November, 2016
Hey everyone, just fixed some login issues preventing people logging in. If you still have trouble try leaving me message on social media via the links in the navbar. Also the site is now has ssl encryption, so your data is now safer in transit. #website
4th October, 2016
Today the server was hacked. The user managed to spoof my user account and log on as me ... not cool. He was kind enough to help demonstrate the hack and helped me fix it ... cool I guess. I've since restored a number of worlds. You can ignore bad behaviour from me as it wasn't me (sorry powderbun…
Main Lobby Progress
12th September, 2016
Lots built over the weekend, we now have the four large scale blocks in, crafting table, furnace, enchanting table and TNT. The valley floor is mostly complete. Central hub is getting a make-over now and still some detail to come. A big shout to ReligiousZeal, qngel, Willie_, MadmanplaysMC and…
Main lobby is getting an upgrade
8th September, 2016
It's time to upgrade the main lobby. Over the next little while I'll be working with ReligiousZeal to upgrade the main lobby. Is that a giant furnace and crafting table, bigger is better right? Feedback welcome. #minecraft #servers
Midnight New Channel Art
3rd September, 2016
So what does one do to late at night, new channel art of course. I may clean this up and add some more details. #channelAamche #minecraft
27th July, 2016
The FTB Infinity mod pack has been having a lot of trouble lately. Which makes it hard to run a server people want to be on when there is lots of crashes and resets. So I've been doing some cleaning up of dimensions and will be shrinking world sizes. RfTools Dimensions All RFTool Dimensions have been…
Leaderboards v2
21st July, 2016
As part of the current phase of updates the Leaderboards are going through an overhaul. The goal is to extend the system for mini-games and PvP scores. I hope to encourage some compeditiveness between players. There's a lot planned too, as I hope to add more functionally and player stats. This…
EggWars Launched
18th July, 2016
We have launched our EggWars server, with a few starter maps and more on the way. This Minecraft game mode is PvP, similar to skyblock with a few differences. If you die you respawn back at your dragon egg.If your egg is destroyed, you loseResources iron, gold and diamonds are only available from generators.Resources…
13th July, 2016
Completed12:12 Network configured and all is running. Let me know any troubles. 10:56 New router is in and running. Configuring.... 10:23 Server hardware upgrade is complete. Network upgrade in progress, there may be up and downtime. 09:52 Maintenance has startedThursday Morning, 14th July 2016 No one…
There's your problem, failed power supply
28th June, 2016
Every server tech's worst nightmare, a system that won't boot. This time it wouldn't turn on, fortunately a quick swap out of the power supper repaired the issue. I've "borrowed" a power supply from a near by PC and have a new one on it's way. Additional: FTB Infinity is having issues…
Terraria Server up for testing
25th June, 2016
Server now in open testing. Fresh world, ready to explore. If all goes well, we will keep it. port 25573 #servers #terraria
Terraria, waiting for day
21st June, 2016
How every survival game starts, hiding underground waiting for day. Server is running, but needs config of protection, commands and admin #servers #postformatimage #terraria
17th June, 2016
Highlights Nether resetEnd reset If you have a farm in those dimensions, post co-ords in forums and I'll try to reload the chunk. #minecraft #minecraftServer #servers
15th June, 2016
13:40 NZT The server is currently undergoing maintenance, which should take about an hour. 15:06 NZT Issue with the network interface is causing an issue, working to resolve. 00:49 NZT The network interface has been repaired and minecraft servers are loading up. Why so much pain? We'll it was an…
Minecraft 1.10 and Nether Reset!
11th June, 2016
Wow, that's a little unexpected, a new version release already. It's caught us a little off guard, but it looks like plugin developers are working hard to update as soon as possible. In terms of new stuff it's mostly a few mobs and system improvements ... and then there's a new block in the nether.…
13th May, 2016
Just in time for the weekend the Vanilla servers have now been updated to minecraft 1.9.4 Summary from Mojang This update fixes some reported issues and improves overall performance of the game. We also found some ways to reduce the memory usage, especially on servers. Notable changes: Improved memory…
4th May, 2016
Last night the scheduler went a little crazy and decided to continually restart all servers between midnight and 5am. I've reviewed the cause and applied a fix. Happy Minecrafting everyone. #minecraft #servers
27th April, 2016
Updated to latest version. changes source: Infinity Evolved 2.5.0 Mods Added: -ASP + GS Patcher by Chocohead -Thaumcraft Inventory Scanning by Blay09 Mods Updated: -BinniePatcher 1.6 -BrandonsCore -Buildcraft 7.1.16…
24th April, 2016
Creative has been migrated to 1.9 and uses the successor plugin PlotSquared. There's a lot more functionality in PlotSquared, but the basic commands are essentially the same as before. Skywars is now open. I've been testing this over the past few weeks with players on the server. It's a lot of fun and…
18th April, 2016
It appears there are some problems with the 1.9 Client crashing. I've had an issue with 1.9 not working on one of my older PCs. It seems to be graphics card related. I did find this post which suggests "Turn VBOs and VSync on in the Minecraft video options." (may require Minecraft restart)…
5th April, 2016
All updated again to Minecraft 1.9.2. Hopefully all set for school holidays. #minecraft #servers
We ran out of disk space!
4th April, 2016
There was another issue with plugins and their backup features over the weekend. This one chewed up 2TB of space over the weekend, maxing out 100% of system's disks for backups. Fortunately the SSD held at 80% which keep the game servers running. I've since disable another backup feature and we're…
23rd March, 2016
We are down due to an Internet outtage. I am investigating further, but usually ISPs are terrible at that kind of communication. Update 18:36 We are connected to the world again. Hopefully it holds up, why is the internet like this every time it rains. Update 18:58 Looks like currently there are issues…
23rd March, 2016
The server is experiencing an issue after a power outage last night. I'm currently investigating. Update: 11:35am Issue has been found, server tasks are currently loading and should be up again soon. Update: 11:52am Services are up and running. #servers
18th March, 2016
If you could choose a server to add, what would it be. I've included some options that interest me, but maybe suggest some by replying below. (You must be logged in to vote, and can vote for multiple) [poll question="What server should we add?" answers="Terraria,Gary's mod, Team Fortress…
8th March, 2016
Well it's finally been rolled out server by server. The important mods work and the rest are slowly being updated. Survival is 1.9 ( Creative is 1.8 ( mc2 is going to run as 1.8 until everything is migrated. Bear with me as I work through updating and fix mods.…
8th March, 2016
FTB Infinity Evolved has been updated to version 2.4.2 Not there maybe some breaking changes to certain blocks, but we've kept the world the same. Some mods have updated a version, so this is more then bug fixes. #minecraft #fTB #feedTheBeast #servers #ftbInfinity
2nd March, 2016
While we wait for the mods to update, the snapshot server has been updated to 1.9 #minecraftServer #servers #minecarft
25th February, 2016
Maintenance! The server is being moved and receiving new IP addresses. It can take up to 4 hours for the new IP to filter through. Update: 1:30pm we are up and running again! #servers
17th February, 2016
Maintenance is being planned, in the last 2 weeks of February. The minecraft server is being relocated and will be about 4 hours downtime. There will be an IP change, but DNS will update depending on your ISP. I'll try and make it occur during a quiet spot. #servers
11th February, 2016
With so many updates and new bits, here are the highlights. Pixelmon 4.2 Minecraft with pokemon. Rebooted. Teamspeak Public chat with no typing (download the client Minecraft Hunger Games Join…
Minecraft Hunger Games
11th February, 2016
We are testing a new PVP system, the widely played and very popular Hunger Games. You'll need a minimum of 4 players, but should be more than fun. The system randomly generates a map, have difference character classes, a shop and other neat stuff waiting to be discovered. Join,…
The Mesa Project (You're invited)
5th February, 2016
Every now and then we seem to hit a wall in Minecraft, what do I build now? The only way to alleviate that is to leave the old base behind and start afresh. Looking around I found one of those rare mesa biomes and it's big. At 2000 blocks width and 3000 blocks long, this is the biggest I've…
TeamSpeak is here!
3rd February, 2016
Awe yeah. Now you can say hello using our teamspeak server, no more keyboard mashing. #servers
Minecraft, escort missions are the worst
28th January, 2016
Minecraft, escort missions are the worst #minecraft #gaming #articles #postformatimage
Web site template optimisation
19th January, 2016
I've been meaning to do this for a while, my two big issues where page load speed for the home page and improving the layout. A complete reload of the template into my newer template framework worked wonders and really fixed up some slowness at the server site, but there were some remaining…
14th January, 2016
Finally 0.5 released after a lot of code refactoring and testing. I feel I finally have the basis of a good analytics tool. Essentially I've moved to 2 scripts, one exports the minecraft log data from logs and config files into a database. The second script reads that database displays it in an easier…
13th January, 2016
The world has been reset and updated, FTB Infinity, Pack version 2.3.3. Woot woot. #minecraft #minecraftModpack #servers #ftbInfinity
Minecraft 1.8 little updates
8th January, 2016
Over the past few days I've updated all the vanilla 1.8 servers, bungeecord software, spigot versions and plugins. A few little additions in chat and also the player tab list is across all vanilla 1.8 servers, so you can see who is on other servers now quick and easy. #servers
PVP skyblock map has been updated
19th December, 2015
Aamche's PVP Skyblock Arena PVP skyblock map has been updated with 2, 3, 4 player maps and teams. Login and go to the PVP server with the command "/server pvp-skyblock" #servers
3rd December, 2015
Update: After persistent crashes, Snapshot World has been restored to 14w47c (last known stable version). A crash report has been submitted to Mojang. It seems to be related to a double wooden slab. Hopefully the issue isn't in 14w47c.Snapshot server updated to 15w49a, Remember…
23rd November, 2015
Snapshot server updated to 15w47c, FTB Infinity (Modded Minecraft) mod pack version has been updated to the latest 2.1.3 #minecraftServer #servers
17th November, 2015
Finished Time to replicate a fast food franchise outlet in Minecraft. Could it be burgers, coffee or some other edible grab-n-go food. This competition is about taking a real life fast food chain store and making a Minecraft version. A Steve or Creeper action figure is up for grabs…
16th November, 2015
Snapshot server updated to 15w46a, FTB Infinity (Modded Minecraft) mod pack version has been updated to the latest 2.1.2 #minecraft #minecraftServer #minecraftModpack #servers #ftbInfinity
6th November, 2015
Awwww snap ... shot ... server Checkout that shield. I've added a snapshot server, it may be temporary or maybe permanent. It will be white listed soon. #minecraft
2nd November, 2015
FTB Infinity mod pack version has been updated to the latest 2.0.2. #minecraft #minecraftServer #fTB #feedTheBeast #servers #ftbInfinity
13th October, 2015
MyMineMin makes it possible to view chat logs, user activity and other data in an easy to understand format via your web browser. Designed to enable server admins to better understand what's going on in their server. This update changes a lot of things around, because now it uses databases!…
6th October, 2015
FTB Infinity mod pack version has been updated to the latest 1.11.2. It now seems even less laggy now and I'm not experiencing any lag on my PC. #minecraft #minecraftServer #fTB #feedTheBeast #servers #ftbInfinity
32GB of memory awesomeness
31st August, 2015
Sorry about the un-announce or un-warned outage folks. An extra 16Gb of memory showed up via courier and I just couldn't help myself. After a quick stop and start of the server, we are now running at 32GB of ram, hopefully that will help the little Pixelmons. Looks like a restart cleared some…
Image Competition - Sep 2015
31st August, 2015
This competition is now closed. Congratulations Panda you are the winner, your drawing was great. Also thanks to Tina and Jenn0va for their entries. Good to see a variety in entities. That wraps up this competition, unfortunately there weren't enough entries to unlock real world prizes. But…
20th August, 2015
Updating FTB infinity is never quite a smooth process, update server files, update client files and log in .... > BAM! server error < net.minecraft.util.ReportedException: Ticking screen at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71407_l( ~[bao.class:?] at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.func_71411_J(…
5th August, 2015
After mod testing the creative world is now open. This world has plotme for management, still earlier days so there maybe a few more bugs to squish. The plotme mod is used to assign and protect land. Use /plotme auto to claim your first plot, then /plotme protect to prevent griefing. You can…
22nd July, 2015
I'm currently testing out BuddyPress, a community base plugin aimed at adding more interaction and communication between members. Enable registered members to create profiles, have private conversations, make connections, create & interact in groups, and much more. Truly a social network in…
20th July, 2015
Just a quick note, FTB Infinity Updated to latest build. So anyone having issues should be able to log on again now. Pack build version: 1.8.2 #minecraft #minecraftServer #fTB #feedTheBeast #servers #ftbInfinity
Building Challenge – Alchemist winner
21st June, 2015
AMClark's alchemist plot for the Building Challenge Congratulations to AMClark, winner of the alchemist plot in the Building Challenge! AMClark won some awesome unique weapons and armour, and all the contestants with completed entries got some custom potions to play with.…
Minecraft Skin: Cyber Demon
18th June, 2015
A long time ago when I was but a man child I played Doom, the original Doom. That was where my early boss battles took place, against the Spider-demon or Cyber-demon, it was hell. Before there were 3D models there where sprites. They were drawn frame by frame and it was excellent. I wanted to create…
Minecraft Skin: Doom Trooper
17th June, 2015
A long time ago when I was but a man child I played Doom, the original Doom. That was where my early boss battles took place, against the Spider-demon or Cyber-demon, it was hell. Before there were 3D models there where sprites. They were drawn frame by frame and it was excellent. The internet back…
Fixing Minecraft Chunk Corruption
18th June, 2015
Oh no the unthinkable has happened. When you approach an area on your world, Minecraft crashes, with some strange Java error. Chunk corruption is scary, but there are smart folk out there that have figured this stuff out. Fortunately Fenixin's Chunk fixer to the rescue. It runs as a perl script,…
17th June, 2015
Fane discovered what looks like some world corruption. I've taken the server off line while I investigate. Hopefully nothing too major, maybe a few hours down time. Update: Up and running again. MC2 is a fairly big world and it took about 45 minutes to run, here are some stats it returned, 2,929…
Building Challenge - Town hall winner
14th June, 2015
BUILDING CHALLENGE UPDATE ChickenFS's town hall plot for the Building Challenge Congratulations to ChickenFS, winner of the town hall plot in the Building Challenge! ChickenFS won some awesome unique weapons and armour, and all the contestants with completed entries got some…
11th June, 2015
Current Focus I've recently finish re-coding the server management system, which will allow for more stability, maps and game mods. I'm currently looking at adding maps and a creative world. Also on the list is a voting system and fixing the player leaderboards Creative World: Let me know your thoughts…
Building Challenge
11th June, 2015
GAMERGEEKS.NZ BUILDING CHALLENGE Forum: We need YOUR help to build a town! This town has a layout, but no buildings to put in it. There are 10 spots that need buildings … and your build could be sitting…
9th June, 2015
Time for new maps, I'm current have removed the existing maps. Some will make a come back, some news ones. Stay tuned. #minecraft
31st May, 2015
I found some issues preventing server plugins on MC2 from working correctly. Fix applied, but I need to investigate a little bit further. There were some corruption issues with Greifprevention, so I've had to roll back the Griefprevention to last week. Update: 2015-06-02 Further updates have been made which…
14th May, 2015
Just updating the Minecraft FTB Infinity 1.3.2 to the latest version. Hope to be up as soon as files finish copying. Update: We are running again. Don't forget to update to [email protected] ... seems to run better for me. #minecraft #minecraftServer #fTB #feedTheBeast #servers #ftbInfinity
12th May, 2015
MC2 is currently being migrated across. Should be up soon. Update: MC2 is now running on new API. I will continue to monitor (yay now I have logging). #servers
9th May, 2015
If you are having trouble connecting to the server. There was a change in firewall rules and I missed an update in the DNS. Translation, I made a change but didn't change something else. I've made a change that should fix the issue, but may take a while to update (24 - 48 hours). While you are waiting…
6th May, 2015
Infinity is back and running again. Notable changes Version updated to 1_4_1 (that's the ftb version)Mystcraft books are only creatable by admins. Turns out that while Mystcraft is nice, Minecraft has an issue with not freeing up memory after a play leaves a dimension. Any dimension, so nether and the…
5th May, 2015
I plan to do some upgrading of the world servers over the next week or 2. This upgrade will bring an array of scripts and scheduled tasks together. The goal of this is to make managing and monitoring the worlds much easier. Down time should be quite minimal and I'll target services one by one when there…
24th April, 2015
It's been rather quiet from me lately, I've not been on much and it appears not much has changed, but I have been working on a server side management system. Why build a system? Running a few scripts is easy, however after a while there are a few events to cater for, for example keeping the servers…
19th April, 2015
Both the Vanilla MC2 and Infinity servers will restart daily at 5am NZT. Hopefully this will prevent memory clogs on the server. I am moving towards a total management script that will better handle restarts and keep alive events and also multiples of these happening. Currently in testing. #servers
5th April, 2015
FTB - Infinity Mod pack Server Early testing, don't break anything in town (protected), or you will be dropped from the game. #minecraft #minecraftServer #fTB #feedTheBeast #servers #ftbInfinity
19th February, 2015
Hi All, Chat has been updated across lobby, survival and factions. Noob has been changed to Main and you will now by default chat across server, and a lot of extra channels have been remove. Once the maps deployment script has been completed the Main channel will connect to our adventure maps as well.…
24th January, 2015
Thanks to Pikachuma, yodastef and ChickenFS for the heads up, we have deployed counter measures. #servers
19th January, 2015
MC2 received an update, but user id's changed. Which means your inventory and stats have been misplaced. Leave your player name in the comments and I can usually restore your inventory. #servers
17th January, 2015
The Internet Archive has made available 2000+ old school DOS games (PC). And the best thing is they run in the browser. Some great classics and some junk too. Just a few to remember, Prince of Persia, classic Stunts, you could custom…
16th January, 2015
I've been testing a new factions server. Try the command /server world-factions Difficulty hard This will be PVP New seed #minecraft #minecraftServer #servers
9th January, 2015
Just giving the website a little update this week. Things may disappear from time to time, or look ugly. But wanting to get it to awesome. #minecraft
2nd January, 2015
You can now view more information about each player. Players receive titles for killing more and more mobs, checkout the titles you receive. #website
26th December, 2014
Thanks to Bungeecord, the survival world and mini game maps are now linked. So I'm looking for new maps to add. Suggest some in the forum. To get to the lobby, /server lobby To go survival server/ /server world-survival #servers
22nd December, 2014
A quick update before Christmas. A few little things fixed and a new Overview page. Added: Overview Bug fixes #minecraft #myMineMin
16th December, 2014
After what seems like forever I've completed a complete rewrite of the UI using bootstrap. It's a neat piece of tech I wanted to use, to allow for better url handling and content delivery. Added: Player login location map. though this would be helpfully to make sense of all those player co-ords.…
26th November, 2014
It's nearing the time to say goodbye to the FTB Unleashed server. It's not played on now days and will be retired to make way for a player lobby and mini-games. How long and how soon will depend on setting up the player lobby. If you would like to keep it going drop me a comment and I will move it to…
14th November, 2014
mc2 update Keep inventory is now off. Remember to message admins to create your regions. #servers
9th November, 2014
With the addition of .nz domains, I've changed the domain to the simpler Update: An oversight on my part. Looks like some issue resolving to the server. But for faster resolution, change to #website
7th November, 2014
This is a small plugin I wrote, it pulls over the stats from the server. It will answer those questions about, who has been online the most, who has killed the most zombies etc... View Stats #website
6th November, 2014
Wow, we are now backing up 3Gb compressed world data. A reasonable sized world. Our current backup set is 150G. #servers
6th November, 2014
Server maintenance as I install the SSD for mc2 to improve performance. Estimated 11am – 1pm. Update: 13:00, Having some issues with mounting the file system reliably. It's going to take long folks. Update 14:15 Back up and running. A faulty SATA cable caused delays. Hopefully no issues and no…
3rd November, 2014
Users must be registered and logged in to comment. Comments have been set to require you to register, as just getting too many spam comments from link spammers. Sad really, I hate spammers. #website
1st November, 2014
Rather then instant permanent ban, it would better to eventually allow players back on for another chance. This also eliminates problem players from coming back on straight away under the guise of saying they will be good. Please read the ban policy for more information. #website
31st October, 2014
I've added a server player Ban Policy We are currently considering rules around bans and a bit more of a systematic approach. If there's enough support I can add a fully PVP grief as you like server, no OPs just rumble rumble. Post interest as a comment or in the forums. #minecraft
30th October, 2014
We have updated MC2 to the Rainbow Project. MC2 will stay Vanilla This was always the intention to stay vanilla. We will be adding some server side mods, to improve the player experiences. But still keep it so Vanilla clients can connect. So What now? I am currently investigating which mods to install…
27th September, 2014
MyMineMin is a web based log parser to assist with administrating a Minecraft server. Works on desktop and mobile browsers access to give you a way to monitor activity on your server, even when your not logged into minecraft. The idea is to have a simple script that doesn’t rely on plugins…
23rd September, 2014
Looks like a network outage at the moment, eta unknown. Edit: Looks like the someone in coms cabinet bumped the power adapter for the router. Who designs such poor adapters, thing takes up 2 plugs. #servers
15th September, 2014
Server offline as disks are upgraded (2nd attempt) MC2 is back up and running!!! #servers
14th September, 2014
No eta, down for maintenance upgrade. #servers
11th September, 2014
Probably Monday for installation of new hardware. Figures crossed all goes well. #servers
2nd September, 2014
MC2 launched, and all of a sudden there where players on it! Lots of players. I monitored until about midnight and concluded needed to up the CPU count in the morning. Some time when I was asleep about 3am the server crashed! Restarted about 6am, upped CPU count from 2 to 4 and added did some server…
2nd September, 2014
MC2 server patched to Minecraft 1.8. Happy mining. #minecraft
2nd September, 2014
Killing Floor server now accessible to the public. Lets see if I can get some good games. If you don't know Killing Floor it is a Co-op Survival Horror FPS set in the devastated cities and countryside of England after a series of cloning experiments for the military goes horribly wrong. You and your…
MC2 is now live
31st August, 2014
Sun rising over MC2 minecraft server for the first time. Good News - MC2 is up and running Minecraft Vanilla 1.8 pre3. (try this one if the top one doesn't work) Currently testing backups and will update on Tuesday/Wednesday to 1.8 when Mojang release 1.8.…
27th August, 2014
I've been playing a little killing floor lately. But most the servers seem far away. So I've set-up a killing floor server on I tested from home and got a ping of 23ms from wireless on my laptop, so was happy with half the ping that I had been experiencing else where. Should be good…
23rd August, 2014
We managed to get the domain, with the plan to move the Minecraft server details to some where generally available to those that don't have or want to use a social media site (Facebook) for server details. Still lots to set-up so let me know anything you think the site needs. I would…