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Expect downtime on Minecraft Vanilla based servers this week. With the release of 1.12 this week I will be migrating data across. There maybe some issues with plugins such as claims and homes. All 1.11 servers need to be updated and their plugins may need updates as well, so fingers…
Planning Minecraft 1.12 with Multiverse. In the same server I'm planning to have world-1 (our current world) and world-2 (new). Each needs to have it's own nether, end. And inventory locked to those groups. Tricky, but good use of server resources.
Hey everyone. It's been some time since I've posted some stuff other than youtube videos on gg. I've had a multitude of stuff going on in my personal life for the past 12 months which has really taken quite a lot of energy. But I'm happy to say that stuff…