Web Based Minecraft Monitoring

Currently updating, links are broken at the moment

MyMineMin makes it possible to view chat logs, user activity and other data in an easy to understand format via your web browser. Designed to enable server admins to better understand what's going on in their server. The system exports log data from one or more servers to a central database. From there a web based user interface displays the data in a human readable format. The system can exist on one server or across multiple servers. YouTube Video (v0.2) Demo (v0.2) old, working on new video Forum: Support, bugs, questions


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  • Overview, Multi server
  • Chat log
  • Activity Log
  • Player Login Location Map
  • Easily view Whitelist, ban list and ops

How do I install

Click here for installation instructions, valid only for 0.5 onwards.


Currently focusing on in the next version 0.6

  • Adding a user authentication hook.
  • Adding analytics and cool graphs to generate meaningful data.
  • Adding some FPS logging


Developed with customisation in mind. Read about extending here.


0.5 Rewritten to use database instead. Refactored a lot of code, planning for bigger things. 0.4.1 Bug fixes for mobile Bugs fixes for users inventory (still experimental) 0.4 Added: Overview Bug fixes 0.3 Beta 3 Added: Player login location map. Added: Multi Server Complete UI rewrite