Minecraft: Tropical Fish Generator

Summon Tropical Fish Command

This is a basic tool for creating buckets of tropical fish or summoning them. Copy/paste the commands from above and paste them into your Minecraft chat (make sure you're op).

Minecraft tropical fish are usually generated randomly, but with this generator you can select and create an exact combination of fish to spawn in game. I've also included a list of pre-defined special fish in Minecraft.

Tropical fish first appeared as mobs in Minecraft 1.13 Java edition and 1.4 Bedrock edition. Before that the clownfish was added to 1.7 Java as a drop from fishing. In the wild 90% of the tropical fish they will come in one of the 22 main varieties, the rest of the time it will be random resulting in 2,700 naturally-occurring combinations.

The summon fish command generator allows you to choose your own fish colors, you can also generate the command for give tropical fish bucket.

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