New blocks in Minecraft 1.13 java edition

435 new blocks and items were added to Minecraft 1.13 java edition.

Update Aquatic

The Update Aquatic is a major update to oceans, an overhaul of block ids, as well as a number of new blocks and items. Ocean biomes saw the addition of coral, new structures and the new tropical fish (you can try the tropical fish generator here)

Acacia Button
Acacia Leaves
Acacia Log
Acacia Planks
Acacia Pressure Plate
Acacia Sapling
Acacia Slab
Acacia Trapdoor
Acacia Wood
Azure Bluet
Birch Button
Birch Leaves
Birch Log
Birch Planks
Birch Pressure Plate
Birch Sapling
Birch Slab
Birch Trapdoor
Birch Wood
Black Bed
Black Carpet
Black Concrete
Black Concrete Powder
Black Stained Glass
Black Stained Glass Pane
Black Terracotta
Black Wool
Blue Bed
Blue Carpet
Blue Concrete
Blue Concrete Powder
Blue Ice
Blue Orchid
Blue Stained Glass
Blue Stained Glass Pane
Blue Terracotta
Blue Wool
Brain Coral
Brain Coral Block
Brain Coral Fan
Brick Slab
Brown Bed
Brown Carpet
Brown Concrete
Brown Concrete Powder
Brown Stained Glass
Brown Stained Glass Pane
Brown Terracotta
Brown Wool
Bubble Coral
Bubble Coral Block
Bubble Coral Fan
Bucket of Cod
Bucket of Pufferfish
Bucket of Salmon
Carved Pumpkin
Chipped Anvil
Chiseled Quartz Block
Chiseled Red Sandstone
Chiseled Sandstone
Chiseled Stone Bricks
Coarse Dirt
Cobblestone Slab
Cobblestone Stairs
Cocoa Beans
Cooked Salmon
Cracked Stone Bricks
Creeper Head
Cut Red Sandstone
Cut Sandstone
Cyan Bed
Cyan Carpet
Cyan Concrete
Cyan Concrete Powder
Cyan Dye
Cyan Stained Glass
Cyan Stained Glass Pane
Cyan Terracotta
Cyan Wool
Damaged Anvil
Dark Oak Button
Dark Oak Leaves
Dark Oak Log
Dark Oak Planks
Dark Oak Pressure Plate
Dark Oak Sapling
Dark Oak Slab
Dark Oak Trapdoor
Dark Oak Wood
Dark Prismarine
Dark Prismarine Slab
Dark Prismarine Stairs
Dead Brain Coral
Dead Brain Coral Block
Dead Brain Coral Fan
Dead Bubble Coral
Dead Bubble Coral Block
Dead Bubble Coral Fan
Dead Fire Coral
Dead Fire Coral Block
Dead Fire Coral Fan
Dead Horn Coral
Dead Horn Coral Block
Dead Horn Coral Fan
Dead Tube Coral
Dead Tube Coral Block
Dead Tube Coral Fan
Debug Stick
Dragon Head
Dried Kelp
Dried Kelp Block
Enchanted Golden Apple
End Crystal
End Stone Bricks
Fermented Spider Eye
Fire Coral
Fire Coral Block
Fire Coral Fan
Firework Rocket
Firework Star
Glistering Melon Slice
Grass Block
Gray Bed
Gray Carpet
Gray Concrete
Gray Concrete Powder
Gray Dye
Gray Stained Glass
Gray Stained Glass Pane
Gray Terracotta
Gray Wool
Green Bed
Green Carpet
Green Concrete
Green Concrete Powder
Green Dye
Green Stained Glass
Green Stained Glass Pane
Green Terracotta
Green Wool
Heart of the Sea
Heavy Weighted Pressure Plate
Horn Coral
Horn Coral Block
Horn Coral Fan
Infested Chiseled Stone Bricks
Infested Cobblestone
Infested Cracked Stone Bricks
Infested Mossy Stone Bricks
Infested Stone
Infested Stone Bricks
Ink Sac
Jack o'Lantern
Jungle Button
Jungle Leaves
Jungle Log
Jungle Planks
Jungle Pressure Plate
Jungle Sapling
Jungle Slab
Jungle Trapdoor
Jungle Wood
Lapis Lazuli
Large Fern
Light Blue Bed
Light Blue Carpet
Light Blue Concrete
Light Blue Concrete Powder
Light Blue Dye
Light Blue Stained Glass
Light Blue Stained Glass Pane
Light Blue Terracotta
Light Blue Wool
Light Gray Bed
Light Gray Carpet
Light Gray Concrete
Light Gray Concrete Powder
Light Gray Dye
Light Gray Shulker Box
Light Gray Stained Glass
Light Gray Stained Glass Pane
Light Gray Terracotta
Light Gray Wool
Light Weighted Pressure Plate
Lily Pad
Lime Bed
Lime Carpet
Lime Concrete
Lime Concrete Powder
Lime Dye
Lime Stained Glass
Lime Stained Glass Pane
Lime Terracotta
Lime Wool
Magenta Bed
Magenta Carpet
Magenta Concrete
Magenta Concrete Powder
Magenta Dye
Magenta Stained Glass
Magenta Stained Glass Pane
Magenta Terracotta
Magenta Wool
Magma Block
Melon Slice
Mossy Cobblestone Wall
Mossy Stone Bricks
Mushroom Stem
Music Disc
Music Disc
Music Disc
Music Disc
Music Disc
Music Disc
Music Disc
Music Disc
Music Disc
Music Disc
Music Disc
Music Disc
Nautilus Shell
Nether Brick
Nether Brick Slab
Nether Bricks
Nether Portal
Nether Quartz Ore
Note Block
Oak Boat
Oak Button
Oak Door
Oak Fence
Oak Fence Gate
Oak Leaves
Oak Log
Oak Planks
Oak Pressure Plate
Oak Slab
Oak Trapdoor
Oak Wood
Orange Bed
Orange Carpet
Orange Concrete
Orange Concrete Powder
Orange Dye
Orange Stained Glass
Orange Stained Glass Pane
Orange Terracotta
Orange Tulip
Orange Wool
Oxeye Daisy
Petrified Oak Slab
Phantom Membrane
Pink Bed
Pink Carpet
Pink Concrete
Pink Concrete Powder
Pink Dye
Pink Stained Glass
Pink Stained Glass Pane
Pink Terracotta
Pink Tulip
Pink Wool
Polished Andesite
Polished Diorite
Polished Granite
Powered Rail
Prismarine Brick Slab
Prismarine Brick Stairs
Prismarine Bricks
Prismarine Slab
Prismarine Stairs
Purple Bed
Purple Carpet
Purple Concrete
Purple Concrete Powder
Purple Dye
Purple Stained Glass
Purple Stained Glass Pane
Purple Terracotta
Purple Wool
Quartz Pillar
Quartz Slab
Raw Salmon
Red Bed
Red Carpet
Red Concrete
Red Concrete Powder
Red Dye
Red Nether Bricks
Red Sand
Red Sandstone Slab
Red Stained Glass
Red Stained Glass Pane
Red Terracotta
Red Tulip
Red Wool
Rose Bush
Sandstone Slab
Sea Pickle
Shulker Box
Skeleton Skull
Slime Block
Smooth Quartz Block
Smooth Red Sandstone
Smooth Sandstone
Smooth Stone
Snow Block
Spruce Button
Spruce Leaves
Spruce Log
Spruce Planks
Spruce Pressure Plate
Spruce Sapling
Spruce Slab
Spruce Trapdoor
Spruce Wood
Stone Brick Slab
Stripped Acacia Log
Stripped Acacia Wood
Stripped Birch Log
Stripped Birch Wood
Stripped Dark Oak Log
Stripped Dark Oak Wood
Stripped Jungle Log
Stripped Jungle Wood
Stripped Oak Log
Stripped Oak Wood
Stripped Spruce Log
Stripped Spruce Wood
Sugar Cane
Tall Grass
Tropical Fish
Tube Coral
Tube Coral Block
Tube Coral Fan
Turtle Egg
Turtle Shell
Wet Sponge
White Bed
White Carpet
White Concrete
White Concrete Powder
White Stained Glass
White Stained Glass Pane
White Terracotta
White Tulip
White Wool
Wither Skeleton Skull
Yellow Bed
Yellow Carpet
Yellow Concrete
Yellow Concrete Powder
Yellow Dye
Yellow Stained Glass
Yellow Stained Glass Pane
Yellow Terracotta
Yellow Wool
Zombie Head

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