New blocks in Minecraft 1.13 java edition

114 new blocks and items were added to Minecraft 1.13 java edition.

Update Aquatic

The Update Aquatic is a major update to oceans, an overhaul of block ids, as well as a number of new blocks and items. Ocean biomes saw the addition of coral, new structures and the new tropical fish (you can try the tropical fish generator here)

Blue ice
Spruce Button
Birch Button
Jungle Button
Acacia Button
Dark Oak Button
Spruce Pressure Plate
Birch Pressure Plate
Jungle Pressure Plate
Acacia Pressure Plate
Dark Oak Pressure Plate
Spruce Trapdoor
Birch Trapdoor
Jungle Trapdoor
Acacia Trapdoor
Dark Oak Trapdoor
Carved Pumpkin
Tube Coral
Brain Coral
Bubble Coral
Fire Coral
Horn Coral
Dead Tube Coral
Dead Brain Coral
Dead Bubble Coral
Dead Fire Coral
Dead Horn Coral
Tube Coral Block
Brain Coral Block
Bubble Coral Block
Fire Coral Block
Horn Coral Block
Dead Tube Coral Block
Dead Brain Coral Block
Dead Bubble Coral Block
Dead Fire Coral Block
Dead Horn Coral Block
Tube Coral Fan
Brain Coral Fan
Bubble Coral Fan
Fire Coral Fan
Horn Coral Fan
Dead Tube Coral Fan
Dead Brain Coral Fan
Dead Bubble Coral Fan
Dead Fire Coral Fan
Dead Horn Coral Fan
Dried Kelp Block
Prismarine Slab
Prismarine Brick Slab
Dark Prismarine Slab
Prismarine Stairs
Prismarine Brick Stairs
Dark Prismarine Stairs
Sea Pickle
Undyed Shulker Box
Turtle Egg
Stripped Oak Log
Stripped Spruce Log
Stripped Birch Log
Stripped Jungle Log
Stripped Acacia Log
Stripped Dark Oak Log
Acacia Wood
Dark Oak Wood
Stripped Oak Wood
Stripped Spruce Wood
Stripped Birch Wood
Stripped Jungle Wood
Stripped Acacia Wood
Stripped Dark Oak Wood
Debug Stick
Dried Kelp
Heart of the Sea
Nautilus Shell
Mushroom Stem
Phantom Membrane
Smooth Quartz
Smooth Sandstone
Smooth Red Sandstone
Smooth Stone
Turtle Shell
Bucket of Cod
Bucket of Salmon
Bucket of Pufferfish
Black Bed
Gray Bed
Silver (Light Gray) Bed
White Bed
Yellow Bed
Orange Bed
Pink Bed
Magenta Bed
Purple Bed
Blue Bed
Light Blue Bed
Cyan Bed
Green Bed
Lime Bed
Brown Bed