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Minecraft Wolf NBT Data Tags

Wolves have only a few tags, but quite a few collar colors.

Summon a Wolf Pup (Baby Wolf)

Like most passive mobs in Minecraft, you can summon a wolf pup by setting the Age tag to a negative number.

/summon minecraft:wolf ~ ~ ~ {Age:-1200} (Grows up in 60 seconds)
/summon minecraft:wolf ~ ~ ~ {Age:-6000} (Grows up in 5 minutes)

Summon Angry Wolf

You can set the wolf to be angry by the Angry tag to 1. When angry their tail becomes straight, their eyes become red and they have angry eyebrows (dun dun daaaaa).

/summon minecraft:wolf ~ ~ ~ {Angry:1}

Owned By Player UUID NBT Dta Tag

You can set which player owns the wolf by setting the UUID.

/summon minecraft:wolf ~ ~ ~ {OwnerUUID:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}

How to set wolf collar color on Summon

You can preset the wolf's collar colour by setting the CollarColor Tag. The color is present even for wild wolves (but does not render), if you want the collar to appear you'll need to set OwnerUUID tag as well.

/summon minecraft:wolf ~ ~ ~ {CollarColor:6} (pink example)

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