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New Block in Minecraft 1.16 java

Ancient Debris
Blackstone Slab
Blackstone Stairs
Blackstone Wall
Chiseled Nether Bricks
Chiseled Polished Blackstone
Cracked Nether Bricks
Cracked Polished Blackstone Bricks
Crimson Button
Crimson Door
Crimson Fence
Crimson Fence Gate
Crimson Fungus
Crimson Hyphae
Crimson Nylium
Crimson Planks
Crimson Pressure Plate
Crimson Roots
Crimson Sign
Crimson Slab
Crimson Stairs
Crimson Stem
Crimson Trapdoor
Crying Obsidian
Gilded Blackstone
Hoglin Spawn Egg
Lodestone Compass
Music Disc Pigstep
Nether Gold Ore
Nether Sprouts
Netherite Axe
Netherite Block
Netherite Boots
Netherite Chestplate
Netherite Helmet
Netherite Hoe
Netherite Ingot
Netherite Leggings
Netherite Pickaxe
Netherite Scrap
Netherite Shovel
Netherite Sword
Piglin Banner Pattern
Piglin Spawn Egg
Polished Basalt
Polished Blackstone
Polished Blackstone Brick Slab
Polished Blackstone Brick Stairs
Polished Blackstone Brick Wall
Polished Blackstone Bricks
Polished Blackstone Button
Polished Blackstone Pressure Plate
Polished Blackstone Slab
Polished Blackstone Stairs
Polished Blackstone Wall
Quartz Bricks
Respawn Anchor
Soul Campfire
Soul Fire
Soul Lantern
Soul Soil
Soul Torch
Strider Spawn Egg
Stripped Crimson Hyphae
Stripped Crimson Stem
Stripped Warped Hyphae
Stripped Warped Stem
Twisting Vines
Twisting Vines Plant
Warped Button
Warped Door
Warped Fence
Warped Fence Gate
Warped Fungus
Warped Fungus On A Stick
Warped Hyphae
Warped Nylium
Warped Planks
Warped Pressure Plate
Warped Roots
Warped Sign
Warped Slab
Warped Stairs
Warped Stem
Warped Trapdoor
Warped Wart Block
Weeping Vines
Weeping Vines Plant
Zoglin Spawn Egg
Zombified Piglin Spawn Egg

Minecraft Versions Permalinks

If you find yourself using a particular version all the time, you can link directly. There is some crossover between versions, so there will be quirks.


  • Book of enchanting, move enchantments to imbue nbt
  • Legacy support of ยง and \\u00A7
  • Remember form data on return
  • Import a command
  • Reset Button
  • CustomModelData?
  • attributes custom names, work in progress

Version History

3 Jul 2020
added 1.16 Name and Lore hex colors
added New Name and Lore layout, toggle full width, nbt optimizations
patch Json encoder and decoder improvements for IntArray, and single quote optimization (should fix some issues)

25 Jun 2020
patch 1.16 Attributes UUID generation changes

9 Jun 2020
added Show max survival level on enchantments
added Enchantments and Attributes now filter for version
added Enchantment Soul Speed
added Make an item look enchanted (but with no enchantments)

7 Jun 2020
added 1.16 blocks and items (initial load with more updates on the way)
patch Reloaded 891 blocks and items icons (yes it was a grind)

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