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* Use the editors on the left to enter custom item text.

* Item name and lore in this editor start as regular text (non-italic), in Minecraft item name and lore are italic by default.

* Lore doesn't wrap automatically, (you will need to add line breaks).

Dec Code

Attributes are a system of buffs/debuffs which are properties on mobs and players.

Add a rule for block placement and/or destroy.

Try the Commands Troubleshooting and Help page if you get stuff with server errors.

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Minecraft Version Notes

The minecraft give command for 1.13 removes block ids completely, it also removes ids from enchantments and changes the dataTag. The dataTag is now part of the item argument and some of the structure changes.
/give <player> <item> [<count>]
/give @p iron_shovel{"display":{"Name":"{\"text\":\"Super Shovel\"}"},"Enchantments":[{"id":"efficiency","lvl":5}]} 1

New Block in Minecraft 1.13 java

Blue ice
Spruce Button
Birch Button
Jungle Button
Acacia Button
Dark Oak Button
Spruce Pressure Plate
Birch Pressure Plate
Jungle Pressure Plate
Acacia Pressure Plate
Dark Oak Pressure Plate
Spruce Trapdoor
Birch Trapdoor
Jungle Trapdoor
Acacia Trapdoor
Dark Oak Trapdoor
Carved Pumpkin
Tube Coral
Brain Coral
Bubble Coral
Fire Coral
Horn Coral
Dead Tube Coral
Dead Brain Coral
Dead Bubble Coral
Dead Fire Coral
Dead Horn Coral
Tube Coral Block
Brain Coral Block
Bubble Coral Block
Fire Coral Block
Horn Coral Block
Dead Tube Coral Block
Dead Brain Coral Block
Dead Bubble Coral Block
Dead Fire Coral Block
Dead Horn Coral Block
Tube Coral Fan
Brain Coral Fan
Bubble Coral Fan
Fire Coral Fan
Horn Coral Fan
Dead Tube Coral Fan
Dead Brain Coral Fan
Dead Bubble Coral Fan
Dead Fire Coral Fan
Dead Horn Coral Fan
Dried Kelp Block
Prismarine Slab
Prismarine Brick Slab
Dark Prismarine Slab
Prismarine Stairs
Prismarine Brick Stairs
Dark Prismarine Stairs
Sea Pickle
Undyed Shulker Box
Turtle Egg
Stripped Oak Log
Stripped Spruce Log
Stripped Birch Log
Stripped Jungle Log
Stripped Acacia Log
Stripped Dark Oak Log
Acacia Wood
Dark Oak Wood
Stripped Oak Wood
Stripped Spruce Wood
Stripped Birch Wood
Stripped Jungle Wood
Stripped Acacia Wood
Stripped Dark Oak Wood
Debug Stick
Dried Kelp
Heart of the Sea
Nautilus Shell
Mushroom Stem
Phantom Membrane
Smooth Quartz
Smooth Sandstone
Smooth Red Sandstone
Smooth Stone
Turtle Shell
Bucket of Cod
Bucket of Salmon
Bucket of Pufferfish
Bucket of Tropical Fish
Spawn Egg Tropical Fish
Spawn Egg Drowned
Spawn Egg Phantom
Spawn Egg Dolphin
Spawn Egg Turtle
Spawn Egg Cod
Spawn Egg Salmon
Spawn Egg Pufferfish
Black Bed
Gray Bed
Silver (Light Gray) Bed
White Bed
Yellow Bed
Orange Bed
Pink Bed
Magenta Bed
Purple Bed
Blue Bed
Light Blue Bed
Cyan Bed
Green Bed
Lime Bed
Brown Bed

Minecraft Versions Permalinks

If you find yourself using a particular version all the time, you can link directly. There is some crossover between versions, so there will be quirks.


  • Book of enchanting, move enchantments to imbue nbt
  • Toggle server prefix, server support and of ยง and \\u00A7 perhaps
  • Remember form data on return
  • Import a command
  • CustomModelData?
  • attributes custom names, work in progress

Version History

  • 0.7.5
    Added: Attribute, allow negatives on generic.attackSpeed , generic.maxHealth, generic.movementSpeed, and generic.followRange
    Patch: Change attribute UUID generation

  • 0.7.4
    Added: Name and Lore obfuscated and strike-through text option
    Added: Notes and ux improvements
    Patch: Allowed text styles on the same line (credit: dran_k/planetminecraft)

  • 0.7.3
    Added: Minecraft Java 1.15

  • 0.7.2
    Patch: UUID on attributes to allow stacking
    Patch: Spawn egg nbt for 1.12

  • 0.7.1
    Added: All the attribute (removed type filter)

  • 0.7
    Added minecraft formated json encoding method, option for minecraft/standard (extras)
    Added name item short/long option for servers (extras)
    Improved Lore nbt generation and removed superfluous elements

  • 0.6
    Added can place/destroy rules
    Added block/item search optimisation and free form entry

  • 0.5.6
    Added damage
    Added name to attributes, improved ui

  • 0.5.5
    Fixed 1.14 lore NBT, added colors and styles
    Added 1.14 new stairs, slabs and walls

  • 0.5.4
    Added enchant item recommendation icons

  • 0.5.3
    1.14 is now default
    Removed min/max for enchantments

  • 0.5.2
    Added dye leather armor color NBT
    Added 1.14 blocks and entities (work in progress)
    Moved display flags and added extra's tab

  • 0.5.1
    Improved block search performance
    Fixed some missing blocks and block issues for 1.12 and 1.13

  • 0.5
    Added colored name text NBT
    Added javascript load improvements

  • 0.4
    Added attributes buffs/debuffs system NBT
    Added warning for long commands
    Fixed 1.12 command error due to missing itemdata integer

  • 0.3
    Added 1.13 missing blocks and entities
    Added basic Bedrock command
    Added pages for each version

  • 0.2.1
    Added the hideflags option, and updated the item preview to show enchantments and unbreakable tag.

  • 0.2
    Full overhaul, 1.12 and 1.13 commands
    Added enchantments, name and lore text.

  • 0.1
    Initial build, with search and basic command generator