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Minecraft Give Command Generator

A simple Minecraft give command generator, complete with search and multiple versions. The give command has changed a lot over various versions, most notability the removal of block ids and minor changes to the json encoded dataTag

Minecraft Version Notes

1.13 Java minecraft give command

The minecraft give command for 1.13 removes block ids completely, it also removes ids from enchantments and changes the dataTag. The dataTag is now part of the item argument and some of the structure changes.
/give <player> <item> [<count>]
/give @p iron_shovel{"display":{"Name":"{\"text\":\"Super Shovel\"}"},"Enchantments":[{"id":"efficiency","lvl":5}]} 1

1.12 Java minecraft give command

The minecraft give command for 1.12 is the last one with block ids. In most cases data is usually 0.
/give <player> <item> [amount] [data] [dataTag]
/give @p iron_shovel 1 0 {"display":{"Name":"Super Shovel"},"ench":[{"id":32,"lvl":5}]}

1.13 Bedrock minecraft give command

The commands for Bedrock edition are different due to different block ids. The command generator doesn't work for Bedrock edition, but leave me a message on Planet Minecraft or Minecraft Forums to hurry up and make it Bedrock compatible.


  • Add missing 1.13 blocks (coral?)

Suggestions or found a bug

Leave me a message on
Planet Minecraft
Minecraft Forums

Version History

  • 0.2, Full overhaul, 1.12 and 1.13 commands, added enchantments, name and lore text.
  • 0.1, Initial build, with search and basic command generator