Minecraft : Blocks and Items by Version

A list of new blocks and items added for each Minecraft version. Some versions have added a lot of content blocks and items, while others focus on more technical updates. Typically there is an update every year, except 2015 when there was no release. Recently updates are focusing on annual content releases.

Released Version Release Name Block & Items Added
1.17 Caves and Cliffs 64 (In development) See Blocks/Items
2020 Jun 1.16 Nether Update 97 See Blocks/Items
2019 Dec 1.15 Buzzy Bees 7 See Blocks/Items
2019 Apr 1.14 Villagers and Pillagers 88 See Blocks/Items
2018 Jul 1.13 Update Aquatic 112 See Blocks/Items
2017 Jun 1.12 World of Color Update 50 See Blocks/Items
2016 Nov 1.11 Exploration Update 33 See Blocks/Items
2016 Jun 1.10 Frostburn Update 6 See Blocks/Items
2016 Feb 1.9 Combat Update 35 See Blocks/Items
2014 Sep 1.8 Bountiful Update 57 See Blocks/Items
2013 Oct 1.7 The Update that Changed the World 76 See Blocks/Items
2013 Jul 1.6 Horse Update 41 See Blocks/Items
2013 Mar 1.5 Redstone Update 20 See Blocks/Items
2012 Oct 1.4 Pretty Scary Update 26 See Blocks/Items
2012 Aug 1.3 Update 24 See Blocks/Items
2012 Apr 1.2 Update 6 See Blocks/Items
2012 Jan 1.1 Update 20 See Blocks/Items
2011 Nov 1.0 Released 302 See Blocks/Items

Recent updates seem to be primarily focusing on content updates affecting a particular areas (biomes), or theme. These updates have added on average 100 blocks and items (with exception of the Buzzy Bee update that focused on performance issues).

Minecraft versions add new blocks, items, mobs, biomes, structures and game mechanics. There have been no new dimensions added to the game since the games version 1.0 release. Very few things have been removed during updates, with notable exception to the original Pigman which was removed in the 1.16 Nether update and replaced with Piglins.