Ban Policy

We don’t like banning people, we really don’t. But we want to create an environment that our players enjoy to play in. Different servers have different rules.


  • Griefing and stealing will earn a ban
  • Spamming will earn you a ban
  • Bullying will earn you a ban
  • Different Admins/Ops have different tolerances
  • You can appeal the decision (see below)
  • Your player standing may be made known

Three Strikes Guideline

We all do stupid things in the moment. So if you’ve been banned this is the likely the punishment.

  1. First offence (within 12 months), 3 day ban
  2. Second offence (within 12 months), 7 day ban
  3. Permanent Ban

Points to note

  • Unbanning is not automatic. If we forget and you think you are ready to be unbanned. Please post in the forums.
  • It’s not a given that you will be unbanned. Some players come onto the servers and immediate set about breaking the rules, i.e. start spamming or advertising on the server. These players are permanently banned on the first strike.
  • Ops may choose to unban you sooner or later, depending on the case.
  • Multi accounting on the server will not help your case.

If you’ve been banned from the server

Please use the forums so our ops can review your case. We need to check with the ops on at the time and consider any evidence. We can and do make mistakes.

What we generally find is a lot of banned players want to go back on to do more damage, so we must assess the likelihood of this happening again.

If you want to request someone banned

Please use the forums so our ops can review your case. Grab any screenshots you can, be careful as signs can be easily falsified.