Becoming an affiliate

We can link our site to your servers. It means more exposure of your server and the gaming community. We’re not wanting to take over, we just want to be friends. To start, contact us.

What it means

  • Be You: Keep control of your server and being it’s admin.
    The server is still yours and we won’t claim that.
  • Community: Your server is available to our forums and player community. Complete with it’s own page.
  • Share: You get a * address
  • Recognition: You can use Gamers logo and imagery
  • Still be you: If you decide to leave, you can change your mind at a later date. :`(

The Rules

  • Be You: You are still your own entity, your server and you are not legally part of We encourage you to have your own flavour.
  • Be lawful: You and your server will not break any laws.
  • Don’t be a dick: You agree to some moderate etiquette.

Questions and Answers

Can I still use my own site and url?

Yes. However from the Gamers we will still use the Gamers sub-domain to reference your site.