Admin’s Code of Conduction

Below is a general outline of the behaviour expected from users engaging with the Gamer Geeks (NZ) community. We want to be fun, but we also don’t want to see people ruin the experience for everyone else. Below are general rules and may be updated, changed or applied as necessary. It is realised that we all make mistakes, so do your best and ask for help when needed.

Admins: This applies to administrators, moderators, staff, and those that have elevated privileges for the purpose of management.

Services: This includes servers, social media platforms and the web site.

Thou shalt not: Spawn in Items

Admins will not spawn/gift equipment, blocks and other items for users. Users need to acquire items for themselves through game play. Working towards goals and their difficultly is what makes the game fun, it can also become a problem to admins receiving lots of requests for essentially doing what the user should be doing. Note, most Admins will not have creative or give commands.

Exceptions: There are exceptions to this general rule.

  • An admin is running a competition that has in game prizes. These prizes may be spawned in.
  • Replacement/recovery of a user’s items that has been lost due to griefing, theft or server crash (data loss).
  • Building a community asset/building on a server.
  • The Admin has a really good reason for doing so.

Thou shalt not: Ban for non-gamergeeks reasons

Except in extreme cases, admins will not ban users from servers for things that have nothing to do with Gamer Geeks (NZ) or the user’s gaming behaviour. Users should not be banned for reasons of race, gender, job, political affiliations, religious affiliations, or press affiliations.

Also see the Ban Policy

Exceptions: There are exceptions to this general rule.

  • The user presents a real risk to the users, the community, or services. That user will be banned.
  • The user has been banned on a similar (non-gamergeeks) service due to their conduction. For example the user has been banned by services such as mcBans, (which has a database of generally banned users). This user may be banned.
  • The user is using services for the purposes of advertising or propaganda. These users may be banned, but a warning should be given first.

Thou shalt not: Be a dick

If you have been chosen as an Admin, then a general level of good behaviour is expected. Don’t be mean to users, don’t put them down or tear them down. This is a difficult one as users have different levels of tolerance, so an element of judgement is required.

Exceptions: There are exceptions to this general rule.

  • Witty banter is ok, especially if it’s expected by the other users.
  • Humour. But remember to keep it age appropriate and consider your audience.

Selection Criteria

Most admins will have

  • Been a member for 12+ months
  • Be 18+ years of age
  • Prefferably be on teamspeak and Facebook chat
  • Have had their account always in good standing
  • Have general support of the community


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