Policy and Mod Changes

Over the next week I will be making changes to better improve player interaction expectations.

Key changes,

  • Mod/Admin player changes
    Changing who is a mod, generally moving to fewer mods. Mod is not a fixed position, but it a responsibility to keeping things working for players on the server.
  • Adding a player policy
    This will be on the website that will cover forum posts, content posts (coming feature) and player chat. When to use forums and when to use the bug/request track system (coming feature).
  • Lead Moderator
    Some one that will oversee moderators. I myself will be taking a back seat to moderation and focusing more on making servers work and adding features of content post system and bug/request track.
  • Updating the current Admin code of conduct.
    Making improvements and clarify some areas.
  • Bug and Request track feature
    I will be adding this to help with remembering server stuff that needs fixing/changing. Player requests such as white-listing, banning, un-banning of players, complaints. Mainly to keep non-fun out of the forums.

World Migration Day (Life Post 1.12 Update)

The 1.12 update was a bit rocky, partly due to the fact we run quite a number of plugins and partly due to the future survival multi-world goal. Thanks everyone for your patience and support, sometimes these things have complications.

World Migration Day, 1st July (or there abouts)
There was a problem converting inventory from world1 over to our new survival multi world set-up. So instead you’re going to need to empty your inventory and ender chests into standard chests. On migration day, world1 (current /server survival) will be moved to the new survival server (currently lobby). The reason for this is to conserve memory and also create a multi-world survival set-up, with new worlds coming on-board as new major updates need (about every 1-2 years).


  • Before 1st July, put your gear from inventory and ender chests, into normal chests
  • Player inventories on survival (world1) will be reset when merged with lobby/world2 server
  • New claims on world1 will not be carried over (old ones will, it’s the ids)
  • World Border will be shrunk to 10k, move far base stuff in

Post Minecraft 1.12 Update
There’s still a few servers with broken functionality and I’m work on making it great again.

A few causes

  • Plugins need to be updated by the author, waiting game
  • Permission need to be updated to allow you access, just let me know
  • Plugins have changed, a few plugins have been removed and new ones been added, which means new commands and new stuff.

Thanks everyone, I’ve been updating the code behind the scenes to make things better.

Keep you posted you beautiful ppl.

Sunbeam | First Impressions

Sunbeam is a relaxing first-person puzzle/exploration game set on a small world.

All the puzzles in Sunbeam involve sunlight in some way, using it to power up solar panels that help unlock the world for you to explore. Discover the mysteries of the world, how you came to be there, what happened to the previous inhabitants, and what all these mirrors and solar panels are for.

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Path of the Dead | First Impressions

Post-Apocalyptic zombie future, voxel based, some kind of build defend mechanic … sign me up. This is in the early phase of development, fun and challenging.

Path of the Dead is a unique game in Voxel Art.
You have to arrange the car to escape this zombie-filled path, save the lost people in the city to help you in the tasks and still survive to waves of zombies.
Much more content and features are on the way!

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